Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Music Time in House

So I now have an apartment in Ithaca, in the top corner of my building, 5 floors up, above Ithaca's Glass on the commons.

My room has a wall of three windows, under one of which my bed is nestled in the corner. We have two couches, one comfy, one not; and two chairs, one comfy, one not. We've got two 5' tye-dye tapestries on the walls, another 8' tapestry is going up over my bed soon. At the back of my room is hung a 15' X 20' red backing to a large tapestry, hand-sewn and wove with recycled cloth. The face of the tapestry looks out at the kitchen in the far back of my room.

We've been sitting here in the living room half of my room smoking a hookah and listening to live and funky jazz music coming from the top of a bar across the street. Now I'm about to go to bed but I wanted to update people on my location.




I'm living here with Kevin and Andy from back home in Williamson. Kevin and I just got jobs with Max's in the bottom of the Holiday Inn across the block. We're working mornings, so we sleep early mostly, sometimes, so come hang out with us sometime during the day!

We have guitars, mics, a bunch of instruments, and you can bring your own, WE PLAY MUSIC HERE! COME PLAY WITH US!

That's about that, so I'm off, sorry it's been so long, might not have any people watching anymore, that's ok, at least I put out the message, even if it's just an exercise in writing out my intention.