Thursday, January 29, 2009


Entailing the place that has enveloped me. With the lovely wrappings of people, events, emotions, plans, keeping me bundled.

So lucky I’ve been swaddled so warmly, its 5 degrees outside last I checked.

Arms wrapped and locked lips occasionally forming words to trade. But calm understanding, sharing quiet sounds, makes more sense than this weird language we make with our heads.

I pick up frequencies that tell me when to laugh and cry. The receiver glows bright red when I feel, truthfully; seeing the waves as they are, before the static, buzzing, sounds they become. Soon after, I don’t need the receiver or the speakers at all.

I’m the waves watching the waves.

But back to HERE, Vermont, with Roni and her family, casual hospitality and love.

***Written 24 January 2009***

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