Saturday, January 31, 2009

People! Wake Up!!!!

Understand Your Understanding
Allow things to be.
A disallowance of things to be as they are is an insistance that you could better design the moment.
However, do not deny that you naturally, inevitably, have personal preferences for the order of It All.
Temporaly, this book will physically exist longer than myself.
My Me-body Here-body Now-body
I'd like for it to leave a good impression.
If this is my echo I hope it's a soft and soothing sound.
Not a lullaby, rather, a wake up call.

1 comment:

  1. Not with a whimper, but with a bang?

    keep on truckin soul brother, i wanna hear the story of your trip holmes!

    Just so you know what's happening over here:
    -Wingman for willis is having auditions soon, i'm painting the town red with hilarious advertisement fliers
    -i'm taking a psycopathology class where we freudianize everything, i had a dream of mine interpreted in front of the class, it was deep
    -I'm in intro to acting, learning about inside out acting, absorbing the character, mixing it with improv, and playing it with whatever i feel in the moment.
    -Started Paradigm Shifts with Ravi, wish you woulda made me come earlier, I really enjoyed my first session. I asked "the witness" to be the messiah, realized that would mean the end of the world, that i should just spread awareness of Godliness, then read Ravi's paragraph on "the witness" and learned it's alias, "GOD!" I'm really excited to go to the next session, i'm inviting friends.

    Smile, Pass it on!

    p.s. Orgo is still a bitch, but we have a badass african professor.