Friday, February 6, 2009

"I" Thoughts

Hello to all my many many lovely followers :-P

I'm really excited to be able to share with you when I do get online, but also perplexed by the concept of just how much there is to share once I'm here.

You see, I've done many many things since I last had the lovely luxury of surfing the world wide web. One of the most substantially different things (besides crossing the country) being that I fasted silently for three days. Let me get my soup, then I'll explain...

...It's good soup, new england clam chowder.

So anyway, I'm here in Davis, California. We made it!!!

Along the way, since Kansas, we had some fun times, and I wasn't totally sure how to convey them all to you.

Slept in a park in Oklahoma, after sketchy back-road wandering
Slept in a hotel in Vegas, after late night superbowl slots
Slept in a travelodge somewhere in SoCal, after walking the boardwalk in Santa Monica
Slept in Maddie's new apartment in Davis!

I'd provide pictures, but her wireless doesn't let me on :(
So I'm using Maddie's apt. mate's computer, Kate is awesome, she's from Brooklyn.

In the future I'll get photos up of the trip, but in the meantime I do have something tangible of the journey to present...The things I chose to say!

Like I was saying, I fasted silently for three days...Well, it wasn't quite silent, but I did get hungry. I'd been planning the semi-silence since before I left, just ask my good friend Zachary. But the food aspect was spontaneous.

But wait you might ask me, you were traveling with two other people in a tiny car, and meeting new people all over the place, how could you just not talk for all that?

Well let me get more soup and I'll tell you...

...In case you were wondering, I'm eating my soup with the very last of Ted the whole wheat bread, he came with us all the way across the country. His heel and ante-heel absorb soup like a champ. I'm also drinking a cross-continental voyager, some Odwalla Superfood! It's plants, but a drink? It's citrus-y but green? It actually might be a little sketchy from the voyage but still tastes like the superfood I love to drink so I don't care. As for Ted, well, Ted is bread.

Silence, right, anyway, before leaving Vegas we stopped in an IHOP, I had my 18"x24" Sketch pad with me to jot down views of the strip, there are some nice palm trees. I didn't order anything to eat at breakfast because I had made up my mind to begin regular fasting the night before. But as Maddie and Marshall were waiting for their food, it occured to me that this would be a good time to begin my vow of semi-silence.

My quiet contemplation entailed writing every thing I spoke, before I said it. It was like being mute, but able to read things out loud. I also read signs on the road and other things written, but random thoughts popping in my head, had to jot them down first.

So now I have a huge archive of all the things I wrote for those three days, from Vegas to Davis.

And they're all transcribed from my rite in the rain book onto a file that is saved on my computer, which, in case you missed it, is in wireless exile...bummer.

So you don't get to see those quite yet. But I promise, there's fun stuff, call up your friends, get ready!!!

All the juicy half-conversation goodness you could possibly want right on your boob-tube!
Plus some of the stuff I just thought and didn't say. You're in my head! Creepy.

As a reconciliation gift, today I'll post two half-conversations that weren't in the rite in the rain book. Like I said I started recording the silence on a huge piece of sketch paper, so you'll see the prize excerpts from that. Also there's a glimpse of my romantic life ooOooOoOooO.

Till later, keep your fingers out of the toaster

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