Monday, April 6, 2009

Berkeley in retrospect

I never met the people I went to Kenya with in Berkeley :(

None of them answered facebook, phones, or called.

So I went anyway!

I wandered up onto a big lawn where lots of kids were playing frisbee by a clocktower very much like Cornell's. Other kids were sitting around and there was a little hack circle. So I walked up, took off my pack and coat, and joined the hack. We played for a while, I got to know some of the guys in the circle and I was offered dinner that night.

After hanging out and seeing some of Berkeley I ended up at a naked dinner at the Lothlorian co-op. Though I only saw two naked people, the fajitas were delicious! Then I played bananagrams, met a guy who worked on a telescope in antarctica, at the south pole station, tracking magnetic resonation left over from the big bang, pulsating from the origin in the universe.

I hung out in a room that used to be the bedroom of a cult leader whose followers lived in the house before it was a co-op, and practiced group sex rituals.

Then for the end of the night, I was given a place to sleep in a redwood tree. There was a treehouse accessible from a bridge from the 5th floor of the co-op house next door. I left this poem in the treehouse:

In a tree housed
I sat open mouthed
disbelieving my good fortune

As Berkeley stops go
I've surely lots to show
for a naked dinner in food orgy preparation

Being quite clear
I haven't a fear
That my mind will slip grip on this destination

So if you do, keep open doors
I'll come back for more
next time I've crossed this nation

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  1. Enjoy every minute, Clayton. You are touching lives and spreading bliss and living the dream we all wish we had the balls to live. Safe journey... and I can hardly wait to read your memoirs.