Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Castro St.

I met my cousin Will today.

He lives down by Castro st. in San Francisco with his boyfriend Kevin, he came and met me here at Mary Lou's house and took me around the city, it was awesome. We got to catch up, grown up, see how our lives are. It was really nice. Best part was, we're both doing the $0 a day thing! So we were able to cruise around the city and not spend money and really just get to know each other. No need for consumer tendencies. We did walk past a bunch of shops and things downtown, but mostly just to get a feel for the way the city works. San Fran is not like most big cities I've been in. The hills really help give it a small community feel. Except for the skyscrapers downtown.

Having met all my relatives around here, I think I'm moving on. Prospects for New Zealand are looking pretty grim, but I'm moving forward! I'm trying to get in touch with the guys at cloud city, I was gonna go backpacking Sequoia National Pk. with them. But I don't have any of thier numbers, so I'm trying to get in touch with Rob (from back in vacaville) to find these guys, though he's still not answering. And I want to visit the Berkley folks from Kenya, but they aren't really responding either. I mean come on, who doesn't read their facebook messages? :P

So if Berkley and Sequoia Natl Pk don't happen I'm moving further south, visiting my cousin Eli in LA, and trying to hunt down Rob and Eric, who were headed that way when I last saw them. And after I escape the city of angels I'll work my way even further south to Tuscon. Having spanned the entire west coast from the middle up and all the way back down on less than $200 I'll work for my uncle a bit there and be ready to get back to Ithaca in mid-May. PLANTASTIC!!!

Any feedback or good suggestions for while I'm out here???

I basically have a blank check and a month to do whatever while I'm over here.

ooooh! I just remembered about the Garchen Inst. in Chino Valley. I might go there for sure...

Anyway that's me for you.

I think I'm going to post a couple poems for April Fools day.

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