Monday, April 20, 2009

Finger Rock

There is a notch in the western peak of the Santa Catalina mountains. Within that notch, a large boulder jabs up, and off of that large boulder, a smaller spire of rock jabs up. And It looks like a hand pointing upward growing from the top of the mountain.

I've been looking at that spot on the horizon since I've been in Tucson. Today, with two brothers I met at the University of Arizona, though they're not students, I'm going to that rock.

The day's started well, reaffirming an intention of love, facing east meditating, I opened my eyes to the risen sun.

I have had a wierd pain on top of my right foot, but I'm going for the hike anyway, I think the pain is from wearing flip-flops and walking 6 miles on concrete. Flip-flops are bad walking shoes. But I've got my good trekking shoes and when I wear them it feels like I'm realigning my strained right foot, so hopefully the hike will make it better, and not worse.

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