Friday, April 3, 2009

Greyhounding Tomorrow

So all, I'm hopping on a Greyhound tomorrow and riding down to Tuscon to stay and work with my Uncle Harry!

He's got stuff to get done, and an ebay business to run, and I'm pumped to learn some internet peddling skills. Plus, I get to watch my cousin Micheal and attempt to teach him to not scream obnoxious questions in a terrible shrill voice that makes you want to drive him 150 miles into the Arizona desert and leave him for the jackals. But yeah, I'm pretty psyched :)

It's looking like New Zealand is not going to happen, so I'm going to end up down in Arizona, I might as well keep heading toward the Garchen Institute. It's a Buddhist center on top of a mountain outside of Chino Valley, AZ. I'm really excited to get up there and spend a week or more in very structured meditation. I have never experienced something like that before and I think it will really improve my personal practice, and help me to know my center and find it even when things get hectic (curse you Cornell!!!)

So bus trip down the southern remainder of America's West Coast, I'll have gone all the way across and then all the way up and down! Then climbing up into the mountains to meditate. I can't believe I'm on the last legs of this trip! Although I still have over a month left, so we'll see what happens.

Be well all.


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