Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alec's Houses


That was a little bit of a wandering homeless ordeal, but I finally found the illustrious elusive Mr. Eason :)

We never did meet up the day before yesterday. I waited at the OSU library until around 10pm then packed it across the city to his mom's house that I looked up on google. I slept in some cedar trees behind his house. A gang of birds woke me up around 6 yesterday and I went in for breakfast a little while later. I've managed to stay with Alec more or less since then.

I'm at his Dad's house now, having gone for a hike and run today, then soaking in the hot tub out back. This was a very good stop :)

Tomorrow I'm going up I-5 to visit the Evergreen Inst. in Washington. Wish me warmth.

Well, the computer's dying, that's my cue.

Much love all!

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