Monday, March 9, 2009

Standing, Blogging, Tired

Hellooo all, I made it to Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

This school is big! And right in the middle of the woods. This morning it snowed. That was cold.

On my way here I met one of the greatest families that I know, the turtle family. Guy and Ashley are about my age and they have a little 4 month old baby named Lotus. I stayed with them for the weekend, getting to know them and playing with the baby, she is so friendly and cute and full of life :) I know I'll be staying in touch with them for a long time.

We saw a bit of Woodbury, and then Ashley's Grandpa gave me a ride up to Olympia with his wife Helen. He's a WWII Vet that flew cargo planes in Burma and over the Himalayan Mountains. He's a great guy and it was about an hour drive he made with me. He told me about publishing and he gave me a copy of his memoir. I read the first couple hundred pages already. I want to have it finished before I see him again on my way back down the coast.

Well, now I'm checking out this college, it is really cool, other than the cold. And the courses seem really specialized for ecological system work. The campus is mostly gardens and preserved patches of the surrounding woods. You can tell this place was built in a rain forest. All of the buildings are concrete and made of super-waterproof stuff. Hopefully I won't get caught out in the elements while I'm here.

I'm off to wander, be well.

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