Saturday, March 14, 2009

Evergreen, then white, then sunny, then wet

I'm using the same computer only its a few days in the future. How much have you all changed with the many many experiences you've had since last we met?

Unfortunate (Fortunate?) to say I still feel just about the same. No monumental revelations, just very content. Which is always nice.

I've met many many students here. The Evergreen State College is unbelievably cool and I kind of want to stay here and just not leave ;) But I'm catching a ride back down to Cali with people leaving for spring break on Tuesday. I definitely want to come back though. They do grad work in environmental studies that is really interesting.

This was an interesting time to visit, the quarter is over so everybody was stressing to finish stuff and then running around celebrating being done. So naturally I've been helping everybody to celebrate and enjoying all the extra dining meals people need to use up before the end of the quarter :)

The woods are beautiful here, but I can't upload pictures until I get back, I sent home my camera cord with my laptop. Sorry. Heres a douglas fir made out of pixels <---
and some more douglas firs.
There are many many trees all around. Basically you cant be more than 50 feet away from a large tree anywhere you go here. It's awesome.

They also have a beach where we have fires. Oh! and Tree Houses. There's a three story tree house I'm going to find today.

I'll let you know more when I do.

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