Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lost and Found

So I finally got in touch with Alec!

Turns out he'd lost his cell phone and I got lucky calling him at his dad's house. Unfortunately, when I called him I was doing my laundry and couldn't go over right away. In the meantime, he got picked up and went to his mom's house, but he told me he'd meet me today at Oregon State University and pick me up to go hiking around 11 . . . . It's 2 now.

So I went into the library to do internet stuff. Unfortunately, I can't access my email on these computers, but I can blog.

I've called Alec's mom's house a couple times, no one has answered, I'm not worried though, at least I know he's around here. Maybe I'll walk.

Another man lives with Dunbar, I spoke with him last night for a long time.
This was the result:

The man without a name cried two tattoos.
He fought the desires that he couldn't choose.
Wide eyes shone his spark of life.
Transcending the implanted strife.
And that knowing smile of his.
Tiredly conceded, this is the way we live.
But his life is his.

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