Friday, March 20, 2009

Long Stop Worth It

So I'm finally leaving Evergreen tomorrow.

I found a ride down to San Francisco with some guys, Luke and Ben, and Henri, a girl. Maybe someone else too. Details are forthcoming.

This will be a sweet trip, we're camping down the coast again! Humboldt and the redwoods part deux.
We're planning on stopping in Arcata for a little while, and selling T-shirts out of the back of the car.
We're throwing tie-die parties to make shirts along the way.

I'm only staying with them until SF, but these guys are following the Grateful Dead touring around the country. They're going south, then to S Carolina, then back to Colorodo.

Anyway, sorry for the short update but this computer is dying.

Wish us luck, we're leaving tomorrow after celebrating the equinox all night tonight : )

Happy Spring Everybody!

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