Friday, February 6, 2009

I will write before I speak as I fast until completion

Mon Feb 2nd

IHOP: It begins, watching Maddie and Marshall eating Omlettes and Pancakes

In order to better understand precisely what I am saying, I am going to write my responses before speaking

Marshall's meal looks amazing, spinach and mushrooms are so good!

Do you usually sort your food as you eat it?

Rice. We were both right? That's funny

The mexican place

I think that even though the conversational flow will at first appear disjointed and possibly confusing, sustained thought on a topic will reveal trends that will be relatively easy to read.

Like right now, I'm saying two things on the same topic and looking back at this section you will be able to tell there was a conversation

I think she was talking to the man on the bench

I'm going to start using a smaller notepad, this big one is for the car

Can I drive? I could take the night shift if its a short trip from Vegas to LA

I'm not writing sounds but mmhmm seems alright if you cant see me nodding

I can also read signs and other things already written

If I have a bunch of pre-written phrases I can use them. It's like vocabulary flashcards

The salt is really unique here, on the car. We're the only car with salt

Freaking Awesome! They're talking about it in spanish

My camera is dying but its ok I have more batteries

The heat shimmer looks like water

Theres nothing I can teach you, you need context.

Innate knowledge discoverable only on your own, it rests in rockslides.

In growing plants. Planets being born.

Read the surrounding chapter if you are perplexed.

I believe there is a collective universal consciousness. A higher knowledge.

The army is practicing over there, there's a bunch of Humvee's

It's really nice that you have Grandparents that think about you and call you.

I've never had a casual conversation with my grandparents, It's always an event.

I think It's my fault that conversations with my grandparents seem tense.

I don't even know if they notice it, it could all be in my head.

I think I have an issue with ageism, but mostly with relatives, I'm working on it, I'm getting better

Ageism goes both ways, but I always thought I was a victim, I realize now I'm also a perpetrator

This is chapparal, It's a lot like the saanna, It's a bit drier here, the plants are smaller, sparser

Do you want to visit the Berkley people?

Broke silence for a phone conversation with Mom+Dad, Mom asked about college applications

I'll break for you guys anytime you ask too, I'm mostly doing this for myself

No worries

Be well

You guys can eat

Thanksgiving is a celebration, like Mardis Gras, they aren't backwards

It used to be a big event to have many dishes


It's groundhog's day

Hey now, no resentment

I should establish residency

That's a really nice white Mustang, "I'd rather be by the river," it said around the plate

He owns a luxury car that he'd rather not be in

I really like driving, I'd like my first car back

The engine died

I can't be with Roni in New Zealand

I'm alright with it I guess, It sucks though

I'm going to try to go still

It'll still be just as hard

I think she isn't doing this to me, it just happened

Plans change

She texted me because I cant keep in touch

I told her that

Although I could have, I really wanted to move freely

Is there a will work organic website?

Time to look for work

Under what?

It's not indentured servitude

But yeah...That was really big news with Roni :(

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  1. i allways wanted a telepathic stenographer, cuz my thoughts, once i pay attention to them, run like the wind and then i forget them. But it'd be nice to see them again. If i was in the car with you, we would have quite the lenghty conversation about many of those topics, maybe written, but once i crack a joke, you'd have to break your vow, if not for a few quick guffaws.

    p.s. Van down by the river