Friday, February 6, 2009

Me: On Gmail

1:14 PM me: on gmail?
I kinda wish I'd been born before cell phones and internet
1:15 PM I'd be so much better at relationships in the 1800's
I can write nice letters
and I have good intentions
And I still love
but its never enough
Roni: yes but we're babe
so you have to work with what we have
me: but i don't want to be trapped by a cell signal
1:16 PM if i want to go where there isn't phone and internet i wish it wasn't this absurd freaky thing
but eveyone is so plugged in now
its not to escape contact per se
1:17 PM although that is nice for clearing my thoughts
Its more because I really think that there are amazing things worth seeing out there
way out there
1:18 PM not to say there aren't good things in the grid too
cities are really cool
architecture is amazing
I'm not some nature freak who doesn't like people
I just do want to spend time out as well
1:19 PM I like both worlds and so much, the vast majority, of my life has been surrounded by people stuff
1:22 PM Roni: i think it really comes down to how you want to live your life
i mean
i have phone and internet and haven't been on it all the time with people back home
1:23 PM me: To be fair...when I met you I told you I wanted to live in trees


  1. Remember that comic "Ghosts in the grid?" the one with the people trapped in this cyber grid and then they need others to take off their machine exterior to see the natural world around them? i read it when i was over at your house for the haunted hayride, this reminded me of that. I think we should be denizens of the concrete jungle AND the natural one. You don't have to shoot an e-mail, postcards are allways welcome and appreciated, they just take a while to recieve. We're spoiled by technology to expect instant relay/gratification. I wonder if people before telephones were more patient...yeah, probably...twirly mustache.

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  3. aww hey now...context ;)

    TRY and give Jennie & I at least, like, a 20 minute heads up, before you show up at the Wellington dig?