Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's a Grind

Pirating another Coffee Shop's free wifi to bring me to you!

Doing time in Folsom.

Hello, as I've been reminded by Abe earlier today, I haven't updated this glob in a week!

So here's my exciting new news, Rob, Erik and I are all geared up and ready to go. Our friend Travis gave us a 3-man tent to use out and about, trail tested personally by him in Alaska. We've all got sleeping bags, we've got food and free schedules, so we'll be leaving on Tuesday if all goes well.

First stop: The Redwoods National Forest.

All I have left to find are some rain pants. When I traded my rain pants for a little wooden set of animals in Kenya, I had this foreboding feeling. It was something like, If I trade these rain pants for this little wooden set of African Animals, It's likely that I will find myself with wet legs in the near future. Well this is the near future I would say, and unless I find myself some new rain pants I will indeed be aquiring a new set of wet legs.

That's all on the rain pant front.

In other news, we got a camper shell for Erik's truck! A steal on craigslist for $80, so now we not only have sweet camping gear as provided by Travis, but now we have a camper to live out of when not in the wild.

Things are looking very good for this haphazard gathering of souls.

Did I tell you Erik collects comic books?
He's got boxes and boxes of back issues, that's what we're up to today. Bringing some of th0se comics to Travis so he can check them out until we return.

Coming back down the coast, I think Travis will be joining us to go hiking in the Sequoia National Park. I'm really looking foreward to that.

The Buddhist institute in Chino Valley is having a seminar series for the next couple weeks so we can't go there until they're open to travellers again. But that has not been nixed from the plans for anyone curious.

I'm not sure how much more internet I can promise for the near future, but I'll try.

We're leaving on Tuesday to go into the redwoods, then coming out the other side we'll be going to Corvallis and Eugene OR. So if you don't hear from me before Tuesday, assume I'm travelling up the coast.

Everything is going very well, love to the all who read this,

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